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Service Packages

1. Remote Business Development Services (Including Zoom or Google Meet)
Service Offered: Sales consulting, Marketing analysis, Marketing research, Strategic sessions, Strategic teaming, Forecasting, Sales lead generation, Cold calls, Email contacting, Meeting scheduling.

Monthly Offers (Retained): 30 hrs. monthly service range from $1,000 –  $2,000.00 per month (Federal Marketplace)
Monthly Offers (Retained): 35 hrs. monthly service range from $1,000- $3,000.00 per month (Federal or Commercial Marketplace)
* Upon request for more hours price will increase *Up to 5% Commission included (Retainer required) * Commercial prices at a slightly different rate*

2. Remote Sales Coaching
Service Offered: Discuss sales objectives, Sales process examining, Q&A analysis of strengths & weaknesses, Strategic sales advice, Account penetration, Client review, Meeting and Preparation advice.

Hourly Cost: $50 per half hour (Incl. phone or Zoom)
Monthly hours Retained minimum: 15 hrs. monthly service
Monthly Cost: Starts at $795 per monthly service (Federal or Commercial Marketplace)

3. Teaming & Partnerships
Service Offered: Identifies viable companies to team with on bidding, Identifies proposal teaming arrangements, Identifies companies looking for Sub’s,  Mentor-Protégé arrangements.
Monthly hours: Retained minimum: 15 hrs. monthly service
Monthly Cost: Starts at $795 per monthly service

4. Recruiting/Staffing Solutions
Service offered: Recruiting key candidates, Sourcing candidates, Interview, screening, Initiate lead follow up, Customer lead contact
Monthly hours Hours negotiable
Monthly Cost: Negotiable

5 Certification Service
Service offered: Preparing small business minority certifications, women-owned, 8 (a), hub zone, MDOT, other state and local certifications packages. We submit applications separately (if applicable)
Price: Starting at $895 (prepares certification package) *Prices varies based on type of certification
Certification Application Deposit is $200 per application.

Please Note: Bundled package incl. three combined services for a total 15 hrs. except #1 and #5 (Bundled-hours optional). Contact our Coordinating staff for more details.

DISCLAIMER: By ordering our services, you hereby agree to our terms of service.

Pick a Service to Order

Please Note: These are initial payments only, you will be contacted by our coordinating staff for further information.

Virtual Marketing Packages

Includes: Marketing current or previous sales leads/ follow up’s includes submitting capability statements and scheduling appointments
*Daily minimum 2 hrs. per day

Virtual Market Research
Includes: Researching pre-meeting information, Competitive search, existing contracts, Pre-bids etc… . (added) *Daily minimum 2 hrs. per day

Virtual Portal Registration Services
Includes: Entering company data for vendor sign up’s on multiple company sites (added) *Daily minimum 2 hrs. per day

Virtual Bid Service
Includes: Capturing select types of purchase bids, Commercial bids, Government quotes, RFQ’s, RFI’s, limited competition, Non-competitive, Simplified acquisitions, Sole sources and Sources sought etc…(added)
*Daily minimum 2 hrs. per day

Please note: Cost: $35 per hour service or purchase (Monthly package) for $695 monthly service. (Bundled-package optional) which includes three combined services for 15 hrs monthly. <strong).